Airedales on the battle front

Saturday, July 29, 1944

The star of the show at Fort Lewis, Washington is Tripod, a three-legged Airedale terrier. He lost one leg to shrapnel at Attu and would have died if a medical officer hadn’t stopped to amputate and bind his wound. Airedales have been fighting besides soldiers since WWI thanks to Lt Col Edwin Hautenville Richardson. He and his wife Blanche Bannon set up the British War Dogs Training School in England. At first they worked with collies and terriers but then concluded that Airedales were the best. While they’re difficult to train, they’re determined and unswerving. Other news – in banner headlines – “The Reds Storm Warsaw”! And the Yanks have taken Coutances. Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy are packing up the car. We’ll start driving back to Washington DC after lunch and stop somewhere over night in time for dinner. We’ll be “home” on Sunday. But what is “home”? I’ve got Connecticut, Brooklyn, Washington DC, and, of course, the car.


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