Water, at last!

Friday, July 28, 1944

1935_Dead Sea_04“The water was getting less and less. The girls had to lie down every few minutes and all we could do was wet rags into their mouths – finally it got so bad we all just lay down. If we didn’t find a way down soon we knew what it would mean – we would die of thirst. Nothing as far as we could see but rocks – not a single living thing – not a bird, not even an insect – and it was terribly hot. Our feet hurt something awful and our tongues were swollen.. but we had to keep going. Away below was the Dead Sea – it looked so good I felt like jumping in – 1000 feet down – But finally when we were ready to give up and were dragging one foot behind the next and after 2 girls fainted and several fellows laid down and had to be kicked and punched to make them go, we came to a little hill of stones – not much, about 3 feet high – but we knew it meant there was a road somewhere. We searched and found a trail. From there on it was one of the worst trips I ever took. Those who could go stayed in the back to make sure everybody was moving. Some places we had to hang by our hands and drop down to a rock below – I was never so tired in my life – about halfway down the girls just lay down and they wouldn’t go even though we slapped them and stuffed rags in their mouths. So five of us who could still manage to drag our feet decided to go and bring back water – because away below we could see a cow and some green. So we went the rest of the way. The last few hundred yards we ran because we saw a little pond and jumped right in, clothes, knapsack and everything. It was good water from a spring – we drank til we almost burst. We almost forgot about the others still up there. But we filled our canteens and went up. First we gave the girls water and spilled a little on their faces. Then we helped everyone down. We all jumped in the pond and lay there.” That still wasn’t end of the ordeal. But at least everyone was alive.

Light the Sabbath candles.

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