How Daddy nearly died of thirst

Thursday, July 27, 1944

1935_Dead Sea_03“The walls kept getting higher and higher” as the group hiked the canyon. “About 10 o’clock we came to the end of the canyon. We couldn’t go any further on account of the rocks in the way – and if we followed the canyon we would come to the Dead Sea but at a place where there was no drinking water. So we had to climb out of the canyon – up practically straight walls – about 300 feet high – and what a job – but we got up – and from there on it was a nightmare. We had hardly any water let – it was awfully hot and worst of all we didn’t know where to go – there was no road – but from the top of the mountain where we were we could see the Dead Sea and we knew that at the end is a small settlement so we knew we had to get to that end. The walking was terrible – up one mountain and down another, until finally we came to the Dead Sea – we were on a mountain and the sea was below us – but over 1000 feet down – straight down like a wall, impossible for us to get down – and even if we did get down it mean we would die of thirst because there was no water. So we walked along the top of the mountain. In some places we had to hold on to rocks and walk on hands and knees or we would fall off and get killed. We weren’t allowed to drink water because we didn’t know when we would reach a place where there was more.” Could it get any worse? It did!

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