Democrats split

Thursday, July 20, 1944

Truman or Wallace? Chicago is once again home to a presidential convention as the Democrats kick off their efforts. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is hands-down the presidential candidate. Back in Washington, DC, he addressed the convention by radio. But a truly bitter row has erupted over the vice-presidential slot. Current Vice President Henry Wallace says he is “in this fight to the finish.” But Senator Harry S. Truman of Missouri is emerging as a candidate. There’s even talk of drafting Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. Another contentious issue: southern states are fighting a party plank opposing racial discrimination. It’s similar to the one the Republicans have already adopted. In Japan Premier General Hideki Tojo has resigned along with his entire cabinet. Yesterday Tojo was relieved of his position as Army Chief of Staff. The shake-up in the high command is a welcome signal that the fight in the Pacific is having an effect.

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