Robot bombs over London

Sunday, July 16 19441944_NYT_July 16

Over 200,000 Londoners have fled to the countryside escaping the onslaught of the latest German weapon: robot bombs. For the fourth week, Germany has been touting this “wonder weapon.” Propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels is assuring people that victory is just around the corner and promising that the coming V2 rockets will inflict even more damage than the V1s. But insiders report widespread skepticism. Goebbels has made extravagant claims before. Plus, Germans wonder why Hitler isn’t using these weapons against Russia. As they learn more each day about the systematic destruction in Russia and Eastern Europe, some even whisper, “We’ll only get worse back.” The Russians are already at Kaunas in Lithuania. East Prussia, the “sacred soil of Germany,” is already in their sights. There’s good reason for Germans to be very very afraid.


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