Car Talk

gas rationingSaturday, July 15 1944

“Very low on gas, dear. We have coupons for 6 gallons until August 8.” Daddy has a week of leave coming up and would like to drive north to join us. But first he has to figure out a way to fill the tank with gas and maybe scrounge up some tires. Ours are pretty bald by now thanks to our many trips back and forth between the East Coast and the West. As a physician on active duty, he’s better off than a lot of people when it comes to gas rationing allowance and access to tires. Most people have “A” stickers meaning they can get 4 gallons of gasoline a week. He’s got a “C” sticker entitling him to a lot more. (The reason this sticker was counterfeited so often.) But the “C” sticker still won’t cover the gas he’ll need for this trip. As for tires, the Japanese occupation of the East Indies shut off the supply of rubber so manufacturers have been experimenting with substitutes. Maybe my mother can help him scrounge up extra coupons and find some tires, assuming he makes it to us.

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