Navajo code talkers save the day

Saturday, July 8 1944

1944 NavajoOne of the wounded vets told my father an amazing story yesterday – about how Navajo codetalkers saved his men as they were fighting on Saipan. They had pushed the Japanese back and occupied the enemy position when Allied shells started raining down on them. They called on their radio to bring the gunners up to date. No dice. The Japanese had pulled tricks like that before to get fire redirected at the American Marines. Finally, one of the radiomen asked if there was a Navajo in the trench. The Navajo served as code talkers — able to communicate in their language, one which the enemy had no hope of deciphering. The marines said yes and handed him the radio. The Navajo talked with a fellow at the other end. Soon the marines heard the sound of fire directed not at them but over their heads at the new enemy line.


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