Dodgers vs Yankees vs Giants

Monday, June 26, 1944

1944 June 26Everyone is talking about the three-team round robin at the Polo Grounds today to raise money for War Bonds. “Each team — the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees and New York Giants — would play in the field and bat for two consecutive innings and then sit for an inning until they’d played a total of six innings. That structure yielded a less-than-tidy nine-inning game, but a nine-inning game it was.” It took a Columbia University Professor, Paul A. Smith, and his slide rule to set it up. Although many players had been called up for military service, “…. organizers still rustled up [players] like Paul Waner, Joe Medwick and Ernie Lombardi. Other notables included Ralph Branca, Eddie Stanky, Dixie Walker and Snuffy Stirnweiss. Leo Durocher managed the Dodgers, Joe McCarthy helmed the Yankees, and Mel Ott was in the dugout for the host Giants (Durocher and McCarthy, it should be noted, managed the game from opposite wings of the same bench). Even legendary umpire Jocko Conlan and his perfect baseball name were on hand.”And Milton Berle entertained after the game, Milton Technically, the Dodgers won. But actually, we all won – the game brought in over $56,000,000 for war bonds. Another “game” of sorts opened in Chicago: The Republican National Convention.



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