Julia Child’s Recipe for Shark Repellent

Tuesday, May 30, 1944

Shark SenseGeneral Mark Clark predicts that Rome has almost fallen to the Allies. Meanwhile, 3,200 American planes continue raids over Europe. Hitler isn’t taking any chances as his fortress crumbles. He has dotted the French countryside with small units ready to fight an Allied advance out of Italy. American planes have also hit Saipan Island in the Pacific. As fighting spreads in the Pacific, there are more and more reports of shark attacks. So the Navy has issued “Shark Sense,” a helpful guide for downed sailors. It advises grabbing the shark’s pectoral fin as it glides by and riding the shark till it tires. Also available was a special recipe shark repellent recipe developed by Julia Child, a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It consists of copper acetate compressed with black dye into a small cake in boxes attached to a sailor’s life jacket. It’s secret? It smells like dead shark. Unfortunately, it has not proven effective against piranhas or barracudas.




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