Motoring Math

Tuesday, May 9, 1944

Here’s a little math: We’ve been on the road one day heading south to Carlisle Barracks inChevrolet plant Pennsylvania. We’ve stopped at a motel off of Route One, the old King’s Highway. It has many different names as we drive. Sometimes it’s just a city street. It used to carry mail up and down the East Coast to connect the various British colonies. We have to take it slow because my father’s car is already 5 years old and it’s got a lot of miles on it. No chance of getting a newer one, not with wartime rationing and restrictions on. One more day til we get to Carlisle. So that’s two days til we get “home.” Then at least two days, mommy says, to pack up. Then at least 4-5 days to drive west to ??? We don’t know yet. Meanwhile, the cherry blossoms are out as we move south.

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