“I have no nails left!”

Thursday, April 27, 1944

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.33.45 PMWill we go or will we stay? Today my mother wrote to my father: “I have been thinking hard and I always come out the same place. I want to go back to Carlisle with you.” The problem is it would mean two days and two nights of travel – “a little appalling,” she writes. I can’t blame her. We did this just about a week ago the other way. So the suitcases are out but no one is packing yet. Yet, she admits she has to make of her mind because “There’ll be lots of last minute things to do, probably including activities that require daylight.” On the other hand, my grandma in new York is actually thinking of going to Carlisle on her own to see how her son is doing. “Well, darling, two more days and I’ll see you. It’s no use, I just don’t feel right when we’re apart. My nails get bitten. I have no nails left! I don’t fall asleep for hours & I think I’m catching a cold.” So, we’re definitely going somewhere!

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