“I miss you, dammit!”

Wednesday, April 26, 1944

Today my mother and I sat on the back stairs together while she wrote to my father. “How are your exams coming? If you don’t make summa cum laude, I’ll tell Susie on you.” That’s a joke. The bigger issue is that we’ve been invited to my grandmother in new York for the birthday party of one of my cousins and she doesn’t want to go “It would mean traveling alone in the morning and in the evening to the depot by bus and carrying all my stuff. You know, even if someone meets me, I still have to get Susie and the bags out of the train, along the platform, up the ramp and into the Grand Concourse. It takes only 15 minutes but it’s pure murder.” But the real reason is “I abhor an fear children’s parties.” Uh oh, I’m only 8 months old but my first birthday is coming up soon. Does this mean no party for me? She ends her letter, “I miss you, dammit, all my love.”

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