Man survives fight with giant crocodile

Saturday, April 1

This is NOT an April Fools Day joke. It’s right here in yesterday’s Harrisburg Telegraph, page 11 to be exact. The fight took place in new Britain when Captain Philip Darlington, 39, an entomologist from Cambridge Mass, was “prowling the jungle for insect specimens.” Reaching a stagnant jungle pool, he stepped out a log submerged about 2’ under the surface when “he saw the giant crocodile rise from the depths. As it rose to the top of the water, the crocodile was upon him, mouth gaping wide and huge fangs clearly visible.” The crocodile grabbed the 6’2” and 190 pound Darlington down, spun him round and round “as though he were a child,” and dragged him to the bottom for a few seconds. “Those few seconds seemed like hours, Captain Darlington said… I kicked and it was like trying to kick in a sea of molasses. My legs seemed heavy as lead and it was hard to force my muscles to respond.” Yet somehow he landed blows on the crocodile’s belly because it opened its jaws. “Gasping, the captain fought his way to the surface and despite his torn arms, swam to the jungle edge.” Video or it didn’t happen?

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