EXTRA! Woman Saves Man Power

Tuesday March 28, 1944

1944_Harrisburg Herald_Mar 271944_Harrisburg_p.16_Mar 27I can’t believe what women have to put up with! Just look at these two cartoons from yesterday. (My father couldn’t get a paper today so we’re rereading the one from Monday.) Now contrast these cartoons with the ad for Red Cross plasters. I guess women are seen as smart and strong when they’re doing a man’s job. But I’ll bet even young girls are much more serious than the teens in “Side Glances.” And the women in “Everyday Movies” don’t seem to have a care in the world. Are they concerned about the soldiers they’re writing to? Apparently not.  Well, I’m not going to put up with this when I’m old enough to vote! I’ll be 21 in 1964.

1944_Harrisburg_p.15_March 27

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