All’s Fair in Love and — Bombing Raids?

Thursday March 10, 1944

1944_Brooklyn Daily Eagle_p.10_Mar 10As air raids over Germany pick up, prominent Americans have questioned the example we are setting by using the same tactic as the Luftwaffe blitzkriegs (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, p.6). They point out that bombs “For Hitler” fall on innocent civilians. What’s more, the Eagle reports that these protests against the bombing raids are strengthening German morale. Maybe they think the raids will stop. And, anyway, how innocent are these people? A sore point: Ireland has remained neutral during this war thus giving the Axis a vantage point on the sea right where U-Boats can lie in wait for convoys and where Axis officials can keep tabs on the Allies. Now the US and Britain are flexing new muscles and asking the Eire government to expel Axis officials. The Finns are already taking that step, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle – mostly because the Russians have taken Narva and are advancing into the Baltic States close to German positions in Finland. The Finns and Russians are now “negotiating” an armistice. Russians demand all Germans be interned whereas the Finns want to allow the Germans to leave by way of Norway. One thing’s for sure: the Germans know what to expect from the Russians given the brutality of the German invasion there.

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