Socialists in the family!

Tuesday March 1, 1944

David Freedland_Late TeensMy grandparents are Socialists! And I don’t mean just generally sympathetic to Socialism. They are card-carrying Socialists. They say so in the letter my mother just received: “Mother and I were to be in NY this coming Sunday. There were supposed to be 15 delegates in all, 5 from the Zionist Workers Socialist Alliance where I am a member, 5 from Pioneer Woman Society, where Mother is a member, and 5 from different organizations. We were to go to NY Hotel [on] 57th Street and vote against a proposed bill, which is to bar Jewish Socialist workers from taking part in in any activities set for the Jewish nation exclusively.” While bad weather kept my grandparents from attending this conference, they clearly have come a long way from the world of their youth. That’s my grandpa as a yeshiva “booker,” i.e. student,  in Poland.

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