The Gestapo comes to call

Monday Feb 28, 1944

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.29.49 PMAfter the Nazi rally, some officers came. I’ll let my father tell you the story through his picture and caption: “And Nazis stuck a big yellow spot on our home in Bonn and even came after our camera, but in 1933 an American passport was wonderful protection. Later on, when each bicycle turned into a tank and each person looking up at our window was a member of the Gestapo, we went home!” My father is looking pensive as he puts the album away for now. Maybe he’s reflecting that eleven years after leaving Germany he may be going back to fight the very forces of evil whose gathering he witnessed

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2 Responses to The Gestapo comes to call

  1. tmckay54 says:

    In 1937-38 my father was doing his junior year abroad (from Princeton) in Munich. He lived across the street from Hitler’s half sister, and was thus subject to Gestapo searches whenever Hitler came to town. Scary moments, as by that time, Americans were no longer particularly welcome, though not quite persona non-grata.

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