Boyhood in Brooklyn, medical school in Germany

Tuesday Feb 22, 1944

The New York_1932_ bottom leftSo if you’re Jewish in the 1930’s and you want to be a doctor, where do you apply to medical school? American schools don’t want you. They might take one or two Jews, just so they don’t look blatantly anti-Semitic, but no more than those few tokens. Scotland is one option. Germany is much more popular. So, in 1932, after graduating from college (first two years at New York University, the final two at Ohio University), he sailed to Europe to enroll in the University of Cologne. Yes, that country in that year: Hitler was already head of the fast-growing Nazi Party. He had become a German citizen and planned to run against Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg. In hindsight, not the best choice my father could have made. He’ll tell me tomorrow how it turned out.

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