No more “hush hush” about prejudice

Wednesday Feb 16, 1944

No more “hush-hush” to prejudice! That’s the goal of Brooklyn Assemblyman Irwin Steingut. As the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports, Boro leaders have been working on many strategies. One, already announced, is to penalize public school students who engage in racial or anti-Semitic behavior. Now Brooklyn legislators are meeting with Governor Thomas E. Dewey to promote legislation to curb anti-Semitism. Denouncing the usual “hush-hush” approach, Assemblyman Steingut is proposing it be a misdemeanor to publish material that foments race hatred. So, fighting on the Home Front is mirroring fighting on the battle front where Nazi genocide is targeting Jews, Slavs, and other groups the Germans claim are unfit to live. Fighting prejudice with laws is luxury for those people. The biggest raid ever just dumped hit Berlin with 3,000 tons of bombs.




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