Winter Quarters – Groundhog Day

Wednesday Feb 2, 1944

No word yet from the Army. Today my mother wrote home: “Dear Ma and Pa, nothing 1944_Dail Eagle_p.14_Feb. 2new here except that Susie gets a little cuter every day.” For her, each day has been something of a repeat.  The temperature has plunged to 18′. The groundhog has disappeared down his hole. The Russians continue to advance west while Allied bombers pound Berlin and other strategic sites in Germany. Hitler continues to wield a carrot (we Germans will be victorious) while brandishing a frightening stick (The Russians will exterminate us). The Germans have good reason to fear the Russian advance; their atrocities in the east have stoked a vengeful Russian wrath. But there is news from Pacific where a massive assault on the Marshalls has established a beachhead. Each day that passes makes it more likely my father will be deployed there rather than to Europe.

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