American workers: “All For The Same Cause”

Sunday Jan. 23, 1944

“We walked in behind the Germans with hardly a shot being fired in a most sensational 1944_The Brooklyn Daily Eagle_p.20_Jan 23amphibious operation. It was easily and simply done and caught the Germans so completely by surprise that as II write this dispatch six hours after the landing, American troops are literally standing with their mouths open and shaking their heads in utter amazement. ‘Maybe,’ said Lt. Col Edgar C. Doleman, ‘the war is over and we don’t know it.’” That’s how War Correspondent Don Whitehead described the Fifth Army’s “bloodless landing” in Italy yesterday. The front page account in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle was welcome, heart-lifting news for the Home Front. The Allies are now within 16 miles of Rome and people could be forgiven for predicting a quick end to the war in Europe. And why not with the Russians slashing “ten miles into Germans’ Lines.” More hope on page 2: “F.D.R. Acts to Ward Off Extermination of Europe’s Jews.” He has empowered a War Rescue Board “to rescue as many as possible of persecuted minorities of Europe – racial, religious or political.” And, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reminds us, don’t forget the labor that makes the war and rescue effort possible, “All For The Same Cause.”

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