Coconut Wars

Monday Jan. 17, 1944

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.44.51 AM“Dear Ma and Pa,” my mother wrote today, “we’ll be home for dinner Monday, January 24. Don’t be surprised to see us sooner. But since Abe may leave in six weeks (and not more than eight), he probably wants to spend as much time as possible with his mother and family.” Meanwhile U. S. food processers, according to the Naugatuck Daily News front page article, are relying on the Office of Price Administration to set a ceiling price on coconuts. This will end competition between dealers of the fresh fruit and those who use dried coconut, particularly the Peter Paul Company here in Naugatuck that uses dried coconut for candy bars. The problem stems from the holiday sales of fresh coconut that drive up prices for candy makers. Most coconuts used to come from the Philippines, which the Japanese now control.

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