Palestine: The White Paper and Civil War

Monday Jan. 3, 1944

“Prevent Civil War in Palestine. Destroy the white paper” is the headline of this 1944 Jan 3 NYT p. 13paid advertisement promoting a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. Herded into death camps in Europe, Jews increasingly see only one hope of escape, one refuge: Palestine. For several reasons, though, some of it anti-Semitism, some of it concern about Arab unrest, the British are allowing only the most limited entry even as millions of Jews die in gassed, their bodies then burned in crematoria. President Roosevelt has turned a deaf ear to pleas that more Jews enter America. Too many might really be communists, people fear. Let them go somewhere else. But there is no “somewhere else.” Colonel Morris J. Mendelsohn, President of the Jewish War Veterans, is now spearheading a move to open Palestine to Jewish immigration. And he has an unlikely ally: British officer Colonel John Henry Patterson, already famous for killing the man-eating lions of Tsavo, and an ardent Christian Zionist. While Nazis depict Jews as cowardly and weak, Patterson proclaims that Jews will be outstanding soldiers. Of course, few believe him at this point

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