The Day after the Day After

Sunday Jan. 2, 1944

Did you party on New Year’s Eve? Go out to a movie New Year’s Day? You still have a day off, unless you’re working a shift in the factory or doing other war work. It’s time to catch up on news. Mostly there is cautious but growing optimism. Troops have landed behind Japanese in New Guinea. The Red Army is 14 miles from the Polish border. And Allies completed the 100th bombing raid over Berlin. And, oddly, the RAF chased some German fighters around the Eiffel Tower. This strange spectacle began when the RAF came across a German training school outside Paris while some training planes were engaged in aerobatics. The RAF chased the training planes which took off the Eifeel Tower. That is how Four Typhoon fighters from the Royal Air Force came to chase a German Focke-Wulf 190 and German training plane and bring on of the planes down. To Parisians thus was surely a sign that the German grip on France was loosening. The Resistance was becoming bolder in its attacks and the New Year here was dawning with hope for freedom. The Battle for Italy was not over but the Battle for Paris was already beginning.

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