“The tragedy of the Jewish Nation”

Wednesday, Dec 8, 1943

1905 Odessa refugees

“Such is the tragedy of the Jewish nation,” my grandfather wrote in his 1930s memoirs. “I might have been a praise in my community but the terrible state of the Jewish nation in Russia of old necessitated that your mother and I leave.” After witnessing the terrible Pogroms in Odessa in the 1900s and seeing the plight of the Jewish refugees who survived. He knew Russia could not and should not hold him any longer. He recalled the scene with his parents when he announced his intention. “My mother looked on sadly while my father, always the strong man of the family, said with a trace of moisture in his eyes, ‘You are going away and where do you leave us?’ Just recently I understood that he meant that I should send for him as soon as I made good. I never had the chance.” By the time he came to America his father had died. World War I wiped out much of his old homeland. World War II and the Nazis finished the rest.

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