Pearl Harbor

Tuesday, Dec 7, 1943

A grim anniversary today. It’s been two years since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and catapulted America into a war the country had tried to avoid. Were people growing tired and scared? This film produced by the Department of War would rouse flagging spirits and remind them why they were in this fight. On its front page today, The New York Times reported on the Teheran Conference. On page 4, Times analyst Hanson W. Baldwin reported from Washington DC that the coming year would be “The Year of Decision” and suggested that Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill planned to “knock Germany out of the war” in 1944. Marking their union, Churchill presented Stalin with sword specially forged by 83-year old Tom Beasley who said, “I’ve made swords for five generations of English Kings and Queens and I’m just as proud of the sword which Churchill handed to Marshall Stalin.” And a “gift” for servicemen and women: Australian researchers reported that sharks just can’t stand certain colors. If so, life rafts could be painted with them. Asked about this, Professor Julian Huxley said it was all news to him. But he conceded that certain fish are attracted to some colors so the reverse might be true.

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