The Refugee Run-around, 1943

Saturday, Nov. 27, 1943

Back in March, Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple pleaded with the British government to provide a haven for European Jews. His words are as cogent in 2015 as they were in 1943: “We at this moment have upon us a tremendous responsibility,” he said. “We stand at the bar of history, of humanity, and of God.” And just as ineffective, so far as providing a haven for 2015’s Syrian and other refugees. For both American and British leaders were afraid of being too successful. And while governments dithered and my family enjoyed its post-Thanksgiving round of visits to family and friends, cold and hunger killed Jews who had not yet been killed by Nazis and their collaborators. Santayana was right: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But the ones who are condemned are not to blame.



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