“Do NOT sell the piano!”

Monday, Nov. 15, 1943

My grandmother was firm: “Do not sell the piano even for $250 because they do not make them anymore.” As for Abe’s mother, she assured Lois, “ Do not worry, my dear child, everything will be allright. I know that Abe did not decide without a lot of thinking. It was a big shock to us but what can you do?” The move back East was now scheduled for December and my grandparents were anxious about the long car ride in the winter. But, as my grandmother pointed out, “… what can you do?” Maybe the war would be over before Abe was even mobilized. The Nazis had just confessed a massive break through on the Dnieper by some 500,000 Russians. An unexpected consequence of American involvement: foreign brides coming back to the USA with servicemen. Some 3% of US soldiers had already married British women. On the Home Front, southern Senators successfully filibustered against a law that would have banned poll taxes. Poll taxes were a favorite southern strategy to prevent African-Americans from voting.



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