An American Jew’s special stake in WWII

Saturday, Nov. 6, 1943

A relieved Lois wrote to her parents: “Your letters have just arrived with their undiluted invitation to join the greater family outfit. I was not surprised. See how everything works out for the best? Your big house, which you thought you didn’t need anymore, is now an unmitigated blessing in these days of housing shortages and crowded quarters. Thank God, we’ll have some compensation for Abe’s absences. Besides, it will be easier for me to get out and stretch once in a while, while someone else watches Susie. I’ll try not impose in that respect and I hope she will not be too much trouble.” But, contrary to her parents’ earlier report, Abe’s mother was not feeling better about the enlistment. Lois wrote, “ We have received the opening gun from New York. Abe’s family feels he should wait until he is called instead of seeking to go, and there is much to be said for that. But every Jew has a special stake in this war and an extra interest in closing up the cesspool from which the bugs of hate are hatched.” So the family was still at war within itself even as Allied bombers continued to hammer the Japanese forces on the Solomons. Of great significance, although no one know how much for many years, the Senate pledged 85 to 5 to back a global organization that would help keep world peace. Also of great and tragic significance, a riot by interned American citizens of Japanese origin in California was put down by Army troops with bayonets and tanks.



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