Wives or slaves?

Saturday, Oct. 30, 1943

If a wife saves or earns money, does it belong to her or her husband? In England, a court recently decided that, by law, the money, in fact, it belongs exclusively to her husband. At issue was money women save from their housekeeping allowance or earn by taking in lodgers. The law in question is the women’s property act of 1882. Outraged, British women stated, “As the law now stands, the legal position of housewives is little better than slaves.” In wartime, with women filling so many formerly male jobs, a lot more than housekeeping money was involved! On the Pacific Front, the invasion of the Solomons is underway as the Allies move island to island closer to Japan. In Russia, Cossacks and tanks chase the Germans westward across the steppes. In a Halloween mood? Take in a remake of the original silent “Phantom of the Opera” starring Nelson Eddy.



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