Birth of the GI Bill

1943_p.1_Oct 28Thursday, Oct. 28, 1943

The letter must have been an immense relief to my parents. They could now concentrate on furniture: sell it? store it? move it? Both anticipated my mother would stay at her parents home with me while my father was sent to an army base or even abroad. Would it be the Pacific front? MacArthur’s forces had just destroyed another 101 Japanese planes. Meanwhile the Russians had gained another 18 miles as they pushed west. Repatriated Canadian prisoners-of-war returning from Germany reported civilians were hungry and dispirited while troops were in terror of being sent to the Russian front. However encouraging that was, the newspapers were now devoting entire pages to the list of dead, wounded, or missing in action. Yet in a move that would revolutionize life in America for the survivors, President Roosevelt asked Congress to provide every qualified male or female veteran with one year’s college or university tuition after the war. The GI Bill was born!



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