‘Greasing’ the war effort

1943_p.11_Oct 18Monday, Oct. 25, 1943

“Abe is handing in his resignation today, so the Rubicon has been crossed. Yes, I’m proud of him. He hasn’t waved the flag at me, but I know that his consciousness as an American and as a Jew are critical factors in his decision. And don’t worry about how I feel about it. I’m at peace with the idea and I have a feeling it is the best way,” my mother wrote to my grandparents. There was always the possibility that war would be over by then, at least in Europe. General Mark Clark’s forces were gaining in Italy. In fact, patriotic messages were taking a rather cheeky tone, as in this “Bundles for Berlin” notice. In London, Jewish groups were stepping up their efforts to create a homeland in Palestine.




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