Why I’m enlisting in the Army

Sunday, Oct. 24, 1943

Today, my father wrote a letter apologizing to his in-laws for the “bombshell” my mother had dropped and explaining why he was joining the Army. His letter only hints at what must have been the agonizing debates my parents had about this decision: “I guess Lois sort of dropped a little bombshell on you a few days ago when she told you I intend to go into the army – but I guess that’s as painless a method as any to notify you – well it’s true. I’m about to resign and in a few weeks will start East – I have to wait until Jan 30 before the army will take me so there will be a long long (10 weeks) vacation; I don’t know yet how you’re going to react to it either. But as long as my mind is made is made up, it doesn’t matter. Lois and I are probably the world’s happiest people together and now with Susie, it’s beyond words. But the desire to enlist is pretty strong too – very strong, in fact, and Lois understands that a lot of my personal happiness and peace of mind in the future depends on it, and understanding as she is, she is not opposing me. It’s terribly hard for both of us to reconcile the risk of personal harm and separation of our family but we are both alike in some of things we find necessary to smooth living and so we both know it’s worth it.”

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