A Look Under the World’s Hood: The Bengal Famine of 1943

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1943

The seeds of destruction should have been evident to British leaders by now. The Bengal famine was claiming tens of thousands of lives. India Secretary J. S. Emery claimed “only” a thousand deaths weekly. But The Statesman, the Calcutta [now Kolkata] paper put the number at more like 10,000 a week. It wasn’t the first famine in India and it wouldn’t be the last. In Europe, huge new Allied forces were landing in Italy and moving west even as the Germans rallied. At their backs, the Russians continued to make solid advances west. Abe was now planning to take his accumulated leave and bring the family home so that everyone could meet me. Wrote Lois, “It won’t be long now before we arrive home and you can see the Pride of Marion [IL] with your own eyes. And I will be very glad to have someone else carry her around for a while so I can rest my weary muscles.” But the real agenda will be revealed tomorrow.


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