Time To Go Christmas Shopping!

Sunday, Oct. 17, 1943

1943 p.25_Oct. 17“The autumn rains are setting in and the roads are very muddy, so I haven’t been out very much. They haven’t finished the road the runs in front of our house and it is a quagmire. But the natives tell me that the Fall is very lovely here with lots of sun shine and mild weather. O.K., bring it on, says I,” wrote Lois explaining that “weather has a lot to do with my frame of mind and if there’s anything I like, it’s mild sunshiny days.” It is only mid-October but the newspapers are already full of ads for Christmas gifts. On the war front, the Russians were now battling in Crimea and had slain 2,000 Germans in Melitopol. In Italy, the Yanks had crossed the Volturno River. War correspondent Seymour Korman described “Trenches strewn with German dead on the north bank of the Volturno.” But don’t hope for a quick end to the war: The Germans have moved 21 divisions into Jugo-Slavia. Nonetheless, Northwestern University professor Dr. Gerhard Schacher from predicting that the Germans would collapse in 10 days. “History shows, he lectured an audience, “ the Germans never fought on their home soil.”


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