Fashion for women over 40…

Thursday, Oct. 14, 1943

1943_Oct. 14, _p.7War-time or not, in factories or not, women cared about fashion. The trend toward short hair and small hats – all the result of war-time shortages and rationing – prompted this pitch to women over 40. In truth, the small veil did wonders for almost any woman and it’s a shame women have swapped this look for baseball caps. At home, with Yom Kippur over, Lois reported, “I didn’t fast after all in accordance with the rights of nursing mothers. Anyhow, Abe, as head of the family, agreed to carry the responsibility for my omission and he asked me not to fast.” She then turned to a happy prospect, a trip home to New England: “Abe plans to take all of his leave so we can have a nice long visit with you and then with his mother. It will be swell. We are both good and homesick, so you don’t have to plan special treats for us. Anything goes as long as it’s home. Believe me, there’s nothing like living in a foreign country (and that’s what Illinois is) to make you appreciate the discomforts of home, if any.” On the European front, the Allies had ripped the Nazi line in central Italy . In the Pacific front, General MacArthur’s huge, successful bombing raid over Rabaul was hailed as a turning point of the war there. In fact, the war was going so well, that squabbling was growing, too, over the role America would play in the post-war world. Would we be the world’s policemen? Retire from the world stage as we had after WWI? And if that wasn’t enough controversy for you, the conservatives (especially Republicans) were determined to kill all the New Deal programs such as Social Security and higher taxes on the wealthy.




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