Parenting Advice Appreciated

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1943

Thanking her mother for parenting advice, Lois wrote: “Your letter, Ma, was swell. I Oh, yeah! p. 23_Oct. 6, 1943appreciate all the advice and it sounds right solid. About leaving her with a girl, we had done it before your letter came and it seemed to work all right. If it is not good, when does a baby get old enough to be left with a girl? …You’re right about her being hungry! When she cries real hard, the only thing that makes her stop is food, and when she has had enough, she goes to sleep and snoozes until her tank gets empty again.” On the Home Front, the Senate scheduled a vote today on drafting fathers. Also noted, official OPA ceiling prices on whiskey were now in effect. But civilian access would be cut to dried apricots, prunes, peaches, pears, and raisins. And while the House military subcommittee voted higher stipends for the families of men in uniform, it recognized the importance of women in uniform by voting a stipend for their husbands and children. On the European front, Yank aircraft were bombing German ships and towns prompting bitter complaints from Hitler.


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