“Eat Like It’s 1943” Week – Day Five

Sunday, Sept. 26, 1943

No holds barred for Sunday dinner: Rolled pork roast, browned potatoes with gravy, diced beets, fresh fruit salad with French dressing, and graham cracker crust cream pie. This will hold you till supper which is grilled English muffins with cheese, a tossed vegetable salad, and – yes, again – watermelon. You’ll need 22 red points and 6 blue in all but you’ll pickle the leftover beets and save some of the pork roast for Monday. Meanwhile, Lois responded very thoughtfully today to her father’s fear that the Germans would take so many people hostage that the Allies would back down: “I have been thinking about your fear that the Nazis might hold as hostages all the captive nations in order to get better peace terms. No, if they were going to do anything like that, they could have held up the rest of the world a long time ago, even if we weren’t at war with them… Another thing, as the war goes badly for them, the Junkers or militarists or the capitalists, or whoever, will throw out the Nazis as no longer useful and will take over in the open…No, I think they’ll just be beaten and then we have to pray that the ghost of Woodrow Wilson is sitting at the peace table while the ghost of Clemenceau roasts in Hell.” Little did she know how many attempts had been made on Hitler already!


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