“Eat Like It’s 1943” Week – Day Four

Saturday, Sept. 25, 1943

Dinner tonight is baked potatoes stuffed with dried beef, cabbage and watermelon slaw and – for dessert – more watermelon. Why so much watermelon in one meal? Because it’s in in season and abundant. And maybe some is growing in your Victory Garden so it’s also free. That’s good because the dried beef will set you back 4 red points. On the other hand, you’re going to save ½ of it for Sunday supper. While we’ve been talking about food, the war is still going on but the news is good: The Russians have taken Smolensk. The Allies have taken a Japanese air base in New Guinea. On the Home Front, women continue to move successfully into jobs vacated by men in the service. Particularly good are the women working round-the-clock shifts at the rail yards unloading and sorting goods from toy bikes to live chickens. Americans are also getting a hand from, of all people, German prisoners of war.



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