“Eat Like It’s 1943” Week – Day Three

Friday, Sept. 24, 1943

You cut the kernels off any leftover corn cobs and made a corn and egg scramble. So you can splurge on ration points for tonight’s dinner: Baked shrimp with scallion sauce with whipped potatoes and a salad of tomato, radish, watermelon, and lettuce. Dessert is prune whip with nuts. You’ll use up 8 blue points in all. Lois won’t be making this meal, of course, because she keeps a kosher home. Anyway, as she records in today’s letter, she won’t have much energy for cooking dinner and trying to feed the baby tomato juice: “Today Susie got tomato juice. When Abe left in the morning, he calmly instructed me to give her four teaspoons of tomato juice. Did I know what I was in for? To make a long story short, by the time I got the equivalent of four teaspoons down her gullet, the kitchen looked as though someone had been murdered in it…. by an axe. The walls and the floor, not to mention mother and daughter, were covered with red splashes and both of us were exhausted.” What’s remarkable about this is not the battle itself as the idea of feeding a one-month old tomato juice. The current advice is to avoid tomato and citrus juices til the baby is 8-10 months. How times have changed!

Clean up the kitchen and light the Sabbath candles



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