A typical day in an untypical time

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1943

p.14_Sept.15, 1943A typical day, Lois wrote to her parents: “I have done the family wash and cleaned the house. Abe and I scrub the diapers by hand as soon as they are soiled, soak them and then they go into the little washer for a good bath and drying…We are rapidly getting into a nice schedule…My only complaint is the 1000 odd miles that separate me from my family. But at least there is the prospect of getting back there eventually so I really have no kick.” In Italy, the Germans had struck back and, furthermore, broadcast to the German people that the Allies Fifth Army had been routed. It could have happened but General Eisenhower brought in reserves. With their backs to the sea, the Allies held their ground. And in the background, Russia was driving west and had now occupied many towns in the Ukraine. On the Home Front, up to 2,000 children in Chicago had come down with Infantile Paralysis (Polio) and were missing the start of school. At least the “Dad draft” was going nowhere.






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