Reassuring Grandma

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 1943

My grandmother might have regretting her complaint about not getting answers. Abe sat down and composed an 8-page letter, handwritten in green pen, with a minutely complete description of “the baby” including his assurance that I so far favored my right hand and didn’t put my fingers in mouth. Lois added a note to the effect that “Abe has covered the subject like a rug.” And speaking of covering, six US gunners halted a rush of 13 Nazi tanks as the Allies tried to establish a beachhead in Italy. These brave young men prevented the landing from being “cut to pieces.” The cost was a growing list of wounded, dead or missing in action. In addition to fighting the Allies, the Germans found Italian partisans rising throughout the country, as well as in Yugoslavia. Vichy officials were pulling out of France, too.

p.3_Sept 14, 1943


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