Dishpan Hands vs Mechanic’s skin

Sunday, Sept. 12, 1943

The 2,000 beauticians from 30 states gathered today for an annual conference addressed an important challenge: “Women have moved from the kitchen sink to the assembly line,” they noted. “The result is rough, harsh skin marked with deeply imbedded grime, slight cuts and abrasions, dry, jagged cuticle, and broken stained fingernails.” This wasn’t merely a beauty issue. Said Ellyn Sible of Tulsa, Okla., President of the American Cosmeticians National Association, “More time is lost from work because of occupational dermatitis than from any other occupational disease.” She called for the development of better hand creams. On the war front, Italian commanders were turning their ships over to Allied command and the Allies continued to rout the Japanese at Salamua. But the strangest news was about horse trading of a sort. Germany had offered Albania to Bulgaria in return for military support in Italy.





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