Italy in the crosshairs

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1943

The letter Lois received today from home started out with comments on the baby. But, like a radio broadcast, Lois’ father interrupted the letter to comment on a news bulletin: “I left this space for mother. But Italy has surrendered, relieving some of our sea and air power leading other countries dragging behind to totter.” Indeed, Patton’s army was at Naples and the Italians had signed an armistice. But not so fast: Hitler had established a Fascist regime in Mussolini’s name. The Germans weren’t giving up yet. Moreover, the Balkan countries, restless under German occupation, were being warned that the hour of liberation has not yet come. That wasn’t stopping the emergence of post-war squabbling. Greece demanded Italy give back the Dodecanese islands such as Rhodes. With Italy and the Balkan countries tottering and uprisings in Denmark and France, Lois and her father can be forgiven for thinking the war was all but over.






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