Choices for women?

Monday, Sept. 6, 1943


p.10 Sept 7, 1943

How much better can it get? The Nazis are on the run everywhere; the Japanese are falling back. No time for a holiday now. Steel mills are open today and factories are humming. But the war effort needs more manpower. And that means womanpower, as this ad indicates. The Red Cross is seeking 10,000 more women. Said Mrs. James A. Cathcart, chairman of volunteer special services of the Chicago chapter, “There still are thousands of bridge games and other social affairs that should be dropped. I believe that if women generally realized what the Red Cross means to relatives and friends in the military services, nothing would stop them from helping.” You have to admit it’s a backhanded appeal. And in a few years, women would be getting the opposite directive: Go back to your bridge games and social affairs. Leave everything else to the men in the family.



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