What does a new mother want? Chocolate!

Saturday, Sept. 4, 1943

p.6_Sept. 4, 1943Settling into her new routine of nursing and caring for me, Lois did have one craving — chocolate. Today she wrote to her parents: “Before I forget, if you still have chocolate, send it along! I will never turn it down. It is just impossible to get it here. Once in a while, the local drugstore gets a few boxes and sells them at $1.50 a pound. Now I ask you! I hope you don’t have to spend that much. If you do, forget it.” Meanwhile, the news fanned hopes of the war’s end. The Allies had gained a toe hold on Italy – literally, on the toe. MacArthur’s bombers had sunk 3 Japanese transports. The Russians were “smashing” their way west. Most telling of all, the occupied countries were rising up against the Nazis. Tiny Czechoslovakia was again calling out its old battle cry: “Beat them, kill them, leave none alive.”


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