Your grandchild – a final link to the future

Sunday, August 29, 1943

“Dear Ma & Pa,” Lois wrote . “Today is Sunday and I’m to sit on the edge of the bed and dangle my feet. After that I can sit in a chair and tomorrow Abe will take us home. Boy, I’m sick of lying in bed and I’d like to get good and tired by standing up for a while. Being in bed for a week is enuf to wear anyone out.” Then, more reflective, she added,” For Abe’s family, this is the fifth grandchild. But you are having your first – and that is a final link with the future.” Her words were more hopeful than she knew. Something was happening in Europe. “Unrest Hits 2 Axis Nations” blared the headlines today. King Boris III of Bulgaria had died suddenly – possibly assassinated — and his 6-year old son Simeon ascended the throne amid unrest at Nazi rule. Boris had been raised with a strong sense of allegiance to Russia. Would the new government maintain some independence from its German rules? Would this Balkan country provide the opening for a new front against Germany?



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