When Penicillin was in short supply…

Thursday, August 26, 1943

A regular feature in the papers now were lists of those missing, wounded, or killed in action. Often pictures were posted of the young men and women, smiling and proud in happier days. Lois’ father made this grim observation: “Do you children realize that if this was going the wrong way, all your labours would have been in vain? It would not have paid to bring up a daughter for prostitution and slavery. Small nations in Europe are experiencing it.” But battle fields weren’t the only deadly arenas at this time. On this day in 1943 a 20-year old woman died for want of penicillin. This miracle drug was in short supply and was being reserved for military use. And so her family’s appeal to release some was denied. . How much we take for granted now! Today people routinely demand and get an antibiotic even when they actually have a virus that the medicine won’t cure. Antibiotic use is so widespread today, the bacteria have gotten “smart.” They’ve evolved into superbugs that defy medication.



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