A man, a plan, a chair

Tuesday, August 17, 1943

Celia_Aug 16, 1943_2Lois’ letter wasn’t all about child-rearing. “Abe is at his carpentry,” she wrote. “This time he made in no time one of those garden chairs. I sketched it on the next page. My picture isn’t so hot but the chair is elegant. He simply went out, bought the lumber, and took a good look at the neighbor’s chair. And this is what he made. Now he will make another one, so we’ll have two. The neighbors are bowled over, and some of the wives are beginning to wonder why their husbands never tried such things. The thing that tickles me is that he never did any carpentry before he was married. All in all, I’d say that his kind of mind fits in nicely with our family’s attitude of doing it if it can be done. Nice and modest about the whole thing, too.” Abe’s postscript: “This is the slowest 24 hours I ever lived thru. If Daniel doesn’t come, we may have to make him come.” And the end of the war may be coming soon, too. The US seized a Japanese base in the Solomon Islands!





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