Russia not invited to the party… um, parley?

Friday, August 13, 1943

Talk about social slights! Russia claims Stalin did not come to the forthcoming Churchill-Roosevelt parley in Quebec because he was never invited. Washington officials claimed surprise and said the event was strictly an Anglo-American meeting. Americans were uneasy at best, deeply negative at worst, about Stalin as ally. Some, such as Col. Robert R. McCormick, publisher-editor of the Chicago Tribune, were vehemently opposed not just to Russia but to everything President Roosevelt was doing. In his letter yesterday, Lois’ father, a refugee from Czarist Russia mused: “The other day I heard McCormick taking his time in displaying his knowledge in Russian history, ending up that Russia is always being selfish [and] is not doing anything for the US now, banking on the listener giving him the benefit of their doubt. Doesn’t anybody remember when England closed the Burma Road under Japanese pressure? Russia supplied munitions to the Chinese and had 2 clashes with Japan over it and still holds down a constantly a big Japanese crack army in Siberia. If it wasn’t for that, where would the whole of China, of India, of Australia, of McArthur all be now? Does he expect Russia to display overtures to the US while in a death grip with Germany? Why doesn’t someone tell him something?!” He closed with the string of symbols usually taken to indicate swearing. GGpa


Meanwhile , Russian troops were driving into the Karkhov suburbs and pushing the Germans west.  Light the Sabbath candles.





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